Empowering Women.

Monique Simon

Monique Simon

I was invited by local photographer Monique Simon (https://www.instagram.com/moniquephoto/) to participate in her upcoming personal project: to create a "Vanity Fair type" group portrait of Montreal women to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8th. Two weeks later my studio was filled with beautiful women wearing stunning Oscar worthy gowns. 

Monique writes in her FB post: "Last week Sunday... I had a pre-celebration of women's day with some of the kindest spirits that I have been blessed to cross paths with over the years here in Montreal... we talked about what it means to support each other... to inspire each other... and to show our inner beauty... on the outside too..."

..."To celebrate international women's day... we had a party... to celebrate life and each other and all women who push forward and challenge themselves to be more and do more in a spirit of love... I didn't realize I knew so many truly beautiful souls, many more than could fit in a frame."...

I would like to thank Monique for orchestrating this event and making me a part of it!

We took so many nice portraits during that day, that I think there should be Part II of this blog. I'm sure I'll update it soon. 

  • Photography and retouching: ©2018 Sasha Onyshchenko
  • Assisted by: Yvens Banatte, Marieta Landkroon and Gabriel De Rossi  

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