Signature Ballet & Portrait Lighting. Masterclass


Here's the thing, guys: every speaking engagement is a huge challenge for me, because I'm a man of few words. My workflow is simple: I take my camera, subject, light and photograph until it looks good. If it doesn't - repeat until it does. When I'm working on an image, I make every creative decision intuitively. Light plays big part in it. I often spend all day pre-lighting for a shoot on next day, just to come in the morning and change everything right before the shoot, because I felt it wouldn't work well. And it was always right call to make.

Translating photography into words is the talent I have yet to acquire. The reason why I always agree to give talks or workshops or one-on-ones is because it forces me to step back and analyze my own approach. As the saying goes: "Comfortable - is the worst enemy of progress." So, let's learn together.

I'm not going to atempt to teach you photography, but I am going to teach how I do photography.

I'm excited to announce the "SIGNATURE BALLET & PORTRAIT LIGHTING" Masterclass
WHEN: May 19th, 2018 10am-2pm
WHERE: My studio: 4035 Saint Ambroise., #215, Montreal, QC

You can check  out more details and reserve your seat here: 


In this this packed four hour masterclass, you’ll learn:

1. Preparing your photo shoot; 
2. Working with dancers on set; 
3. Lighting and editing; 
4. Ballet poses & portraits for dancers.


10h00 - 10h45
Module I : Keynote - Creating a successful photoshoot

- My story - From a professional ballet dancer to photographer;
- BTS and Lighting breakdowns of my most favourite images;
- The ethics of ballet photographer;
- Equipment and camera settings for in-studio photo shoots; 
- Q&A.

11h00 - 12h45
Module II: Live Demonstration w/ Model

- Live demonstration photo shoot with a dancer;
- ‘Signature Ballet Lighting’ in action : My go to light setups for dance and portraits;
- Still poses vs Motion: Which moment is the right moment;
- Make your audience feel: Finding soul of the image;
- Q&A.

13h00 - 14h00
Module III: Post Processing

- From RAW editor to Photoshop workflow;
- Review and pre-edit of RAW images in Capture One Pro;
- Retouching basics;
- Global adjustments and color grading when editing series of images;

Hosted by me and Yvens Banatte.