Empowering Women. Continued

This is Part II of celebrating women in Montreal community, celebrating women's history month and beginning of spring. Each one of these wonderful women have stories to tell and I invite to follow our project leader Monique Simone (https://www.instagram.com/moniquephoto/) to learn more about them. 

I would like to give a shoutout to @moniquephoto. It's hard to find two more opposite personalities than ours, but when she offered me to work on this project, I agreed right away, because when people enter your life for no reason and offer to create beautiful things and hopefully make a difference in your community, you say yes and figure everything else out later.
We didn't have to talk much about this project, we just did it and it just worked. 

I enjoy being part of this project, because it's not about me or my photography. It's about people.

You can view Part I here: http://www.sashaonyshchenko.com/blog/empowering-women

  • Concept/Styling/Direction: Monique Simone / @moniquephoto
  • Photography and retouching: ©2018 Sasha Onyshchenko
  • Assisted by: Yvens Banatte
  • Gowns by: Di Carlo Couture, Arti Gogna, La Petit Robe Noir
  • Video: Natalie Sartisson and Ray Creations

*Click on image for larger view

Behind the scenes of a photo shoot dedicated to empowering and celebrating women during Women's History Month. Project organized and directed by Monique Simon. Photography: Me / http://www.sashaonyshchenko.com BTS Video: Natalie Sartisson http://nataliesartisson.com Gowns by: Di Carlo Couture, Arti Gogna, La Petit Robe Noir



Portraits don't happen in camera or with a click of shutter. They begin to happen when a person first walks into your space and meets you. From that moment the atmosphere, the energy surrounding us all, everything contributes to making of that special portrait.