Power Corp Pool

This one is from a series of images dedicated to Montreal's 375th birthday and created for Les Grands Ballets. 

We were very lucky to get permission to shoot by AMPHITRITE FOUNTAIN & BLACK GRANITE REFLECTING POOL (the Property of Power Corporation of Canada) located in Montreal's World Trade Centre. 

"The focal point of this 18th-century French fountain is a statue of Amphitrite, wife of Poseidon and Greek goddess of the sea. The work of French sculptor Dieudonné-Barthélémy Guibal (1699–1757), the statue originally stood atop a fountain in the village of Saint-Mihiel in Meuse, France. 

Acquired by the late Paul Desmarais, former chair of Power Corporation of Canada, the fountain is located under a magnificent glass roof, which is reflected in the 200-square-meter black granit pool, where a thin layer of running water creates a glass-like effect." SOURCE: http://www.centredecommercemondial.com/en/old-montreal-touristic-attractions

To make this photo shoot even more exciting, we were allowed to be there only for 20 minutes.  This time turned out to be enough. I even had the time to photograph two other dancers. 

While other images are still being worked on, here is one approved for release. I'll update this blog post with more images later.