Athletics NB Coaches

This photo shoot of Athletics NB's track and field coaches took place at Moncton's stadium. 

It was a really windy day. Clouds were moving through fast covering the sun every couple of minutes, so controlling the exposure was challenging. I chose to set up in the shade of the stadium with the sun behind my back. Wind wouldn't let me use a softboxe and even small beauty dish would get knocked down. So, for individual "hero shots" I didn't think of anything better than to put a peace of white silk on the wall to my right and bounce my flash off of it. At the time I just bought my Profoto Pro 7A generator with 2400 W/sec, which has enough juice to bounce and match the exposure of sunlit background. In some shots I slightly overexposed the background when the sun was out. 

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Alex Holder

Jason Reindl

Steve Leblanc

Gabriel Leblanc

Gabriel Leblanc