Casse-Noisette 2017 - Les Grands Ballets & Make Up For Ever

In December 2016 Les Grands Ballets had The Nutcracker filmed for CBC. Make Up For Ever was doing, well, make-up and Les Grands Ballets thought it would be a great opportunity to add images of 7 Nutcracker characters to their advertising portfolio.

I had my set up right backstage of Salle Wilfrid Pelletier at Place Des Arts. Since filming full performance was in priority, I was given generous 10 minutes per dancer. Lot's of pressure always makes it more fun, at least for me. 

I shot the images against my blue custom painted canvas and then in post I had to match the colour to the client's specification.  

  • Client: Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal /
  • Marketing Team: Olivier Le Galliard, Pia Savoie, Marie-Laurence Cloutier
  • Photography: ©2017
  • MUA: Make Up For Ever Canada /
  • Dancers: Corwin Barnette, Vanesa Garcia-Ribala Montoya, Eline Malègue, Anya Nesvitaylo, Éléonore Thomas, 
  • Assistant: Pascale Méthot

Dancer: Jean-Sebastien Couture in make-up by Make Up For Ever.


As seen in the GIF bellow, The Soldier image had very generous amount of retouching applied.