Les Grands Ballets de Montreal. 2017-2018 Season Ad Campaign


Back in October 2016 I was part of a creative team responsible for photography for Les Grands Ballets de Montreal and their 2017-2018 advertising campaign. The goal was to create images which will be used as posters for four ballets. 

I was working together with the company's marketing team under direction of Olivier Le Galliard and new artistic director Ivan Cavallari. It was their first time working together on a production like this. To say that Ivan was very involved in the creative process is a vast understatement. He was running the whole "show", from concepts to execution.  

This, of course, wouldn't be possible without all the dancers. They had fake blood poured all over their bodies, eggs smashed against them, feathers thrown at them, apples stuffed in their mouths and champagne glasses hung from them. They took it like real champs!

All final images were shot on PHASE ONE P30+ digital back, Schneider 80mm LS and PHASE ONE 45mm. For lighting I had three Profoto 7A packs, Elinchorm D-Lite strobe. I even used SB900 to light nail. 


  • Client: Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal / www.grandsballets.com
  • Creative Direction and Concepts by Ivan Cavallari 
  • Marketing Team: Olivier Le Galliard, Pia Savoie, Marie-Laurence Cloutier, Sheila Skaiem, Amélie Lapointe
  • Photography: www.kravetzphotographics.com ©2017
  • Make-up: Marika D-Auteuil / www.marikamakeup.com
  • Hair: Valeria Amirova / www.valeriaamirova.com
  • Dancers: Jéremy Galdeano, Hervé Courtain, Vanesa Garcia-Ribala Montoya, Anya Nesvitaylo
  • Assistant: Mike Phang
  • Costumes: Melanie Ferrero & Stéf-Anne Lagacé


Here are four sketches I made during first stages of planning to help illustrate Ivan's vision:

FIRE BIRD & THE RITE OF SPRING By Bridget Breiner and Étienne Béchard.  Dancer: Jéremy Galdeano

VENDETTA - STORIE DI MAFIA By Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Dancer: Hervé Courtain

VENDETTA - STORIE DI MAFIA By Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Dancer: Hervé Courtain

STABAT MATER By Edward Clug, Dancer: Vanesa Garcia-Ribala Montoya

STABAT MATER By Edward Clug, Dancer: Vanesa Garcia-Ribala Montoya

SOIREE DES ETOILES/Dance Me To The End Of Love, Dancer: Anya Nesvitaylo

Soldier - Jean - Sebastien Couture

Screenshots of the images at www.grandsballets.com:


Make sure to check out this promo video with behind the scenes:



And of course mandatory behind the scenes. I thank Mike for grabbing most of these. 


Before and After GIF

And that's how every photo shoot is supposed to end: 


Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed!