My name is Sasha and I'm a photographer with studio based in Montreal. 

I like to believe that the influence of Eastern Europe and my days as a ballet dancer laid a strong foundation for my vision and fostered unique taste for aesthetics and elegance. This helped developed my photographic style. 

 My focus is on portrait, advertising, editorial and dance photography. I'm lucky to create images for artists, businesses, brands and corporations. I'm an official photographer for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal.    

  I was born and raised in Ukraine. Since early childhood I studied to become a ballet dancer and I danced professionally for 13 years.

When my wife and I moved to Canada in 2006 in search of a new life, I never would have thought that in only 4 years in 2010 I will get captivated by photography and give up my lifetime passion to become a full time photographer.

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